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LOCATION: 57116, Bada Bazar Road, Old Rajinder Nagar, Rajinder Nagar, New Delhi Delhi 110060

Today we are talking about the place which is known as a heaven for chap lovers. The dishes served here are absolutely vegetarian, but no one can identify the difference between the non-vegetarian dishes and vegetarian dishes if the taste is concerned. The dishes are totally scrumptious and worth the price.


The stuffing of this Oh – So -Tasty chap is made of peas and paneer(cottage cheese). It is first marinated in some chickpea flour/Besan paste into which some sliced onions, Chat masala, Amul butter, and some cream is added. This dish is creamilicious and really tasty as well. People love to order this dish at the “Punjabi Chap Corner”.

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In this super tasty dish, butter is added over the pan over which ginger and garlic are added. Some onion and tomato paste is added and fried well. Some tomato puree is added to it, and then the marinated chap pieces are dipped into the gravy.

Salt is added, and some red chili powder, Kasturi methi along with cumin powder, and some special tawa masala made in their own restaurant are added as their specialty .kevda and cream is added on the top, which makes this dish go up to the next level. Some coriander is also added for the garnishing and served hot.


These dishes are absolutely delectable and are super tasty. One must give them a try. Along with these famous dishes, there are many other tasty dishes served here, which people love to eat.

So if you are a chap lover or someone who is a real foodie and always searches for something new and interesting to eat, this place is your find. You must come here and try the dishes mentioned here. It is surely not going to disappoint you, in fact, it will win your heart for sure.

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