Khichiya Pappad


LOCATION: Dawa Bazaar Mangladas Market, Near Crawford Market, Mumbai


If you are a Chat lover or love to eat spicy food, we have brought to you the review of a shop that serves the desi fusion delicacy of India i.e., “Masala Crunchy Papad Chat”.

This stall is at “Crawford Market” named “Rajasthan ka Masala Khichiya Chat Centre” which serves this awesome chat. People are always gathered here due to the delicious taste and smell of the chat. The cost of one plate of Khichiya Papad chaat is around Rs.75, which is totally worth it. One must visit this place if they are in Mumbai.

Pappad Kucihiya
Source: Gujarati Rasoi


In order to make this delicious chat, firstly, the cucumbers are finely chopped after peeling, and then the papads are roasted on the flame of Sigdi (a traditional gas made of coal). After this, ghee is brushed over the roasted papads and the chat masala is sprinkled.

The papads are then broken down into pieces. Over these broken papads, chopped onion, cucumber, tomato, green coriander, red and green sauces, sev and namkeen is spread, and the tangy lemon is then squeezed.

The chat is ready. Now it is garnished with some more namkeen and green coriander and served fresh in a plate. The spices they add to their chat are unique and bring an entirely different taste than your regular chaat.

Khinchia papad is a very healthy snack, and you can make this chat at home too! The traditional khichiya papads are made up of rice, but you can use various papads and make this chat at home. We are sure you’ll love them.

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