Chicken Changezi At Jamia Nagar


LOCATION: Shop Number 8, Canal Road, Jamia Nagar, Delhi – 110025, Near Main Market

Dig into this delicious and flaming hot plate of “Changezi Chicken” that is loaded with tons of spices. If you’re a chicken lover, then you gotta try this delicacy with your bhukkad pals. Once you taste it, you’ll get lost in the world of dreams.


This place is the most famous for their dish called “Chicken Changezi,” apart from which they sell many other non- veg dishes like two types of Biryanis – Hyderabadi and Plain Masala Biryani, Tawa chicken, butter chicken, chicken korma, chicken lollipop, etc. They also sell “Shahi Kheer” as a sweet dish, which definitely adds up to the taste after eating the other spicy dishes.

Chicken Changezi | Chicken Changezi Recipe in Hindi by Farheen Khan -  YouTube
Source: YouTube


This restaurant has started in the year 2002 and is now one of the very popular shops in South Delhi. The timings are morning 11:00 till evening 11 O’ Clock. They are available on all seven days of a week and also serve online on “Swiggy” and “Zomato“.

The Chicken Changezi tastes best with “Tandoori Roti,” and it looks really delicious. The chicken has a perfect blend of spices, and every spice can clearly be identified. You won’t be able to stop your hands once you taste a bite. Apart from the other spices, they add up Chat Masala, which enhances the taste further.

All their dishes taste different, which clearly indicates that they use a different blend of spices in every dish. Don’t forget to taste the Shahi Kheer after your meal because it is the best dessert you would have had ever. If you call yourself a foodie, then you must try these dishes here for sure.

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