LOCATION: Bara Thakur Dwara, Mohalla Gurhai, Farash Bazar, Shahdara, Delhi, 110032


Chole Bhature can be called as the national breakfast of India. If you want to eat outside, you must visit this place called “Sharma Chole Bhature” in Delhi. لعبت روليت This place is loved by one and all, and if you ask anybody living at ‘Kanti Nagar’, they will surely take you to this place.

This shop is 10 years old, and they have 3 outlets here. The taste and flavors of the Chole Bhature sell intoxicate people to a level that they have named it ‘Afeem Wale Chhole Bhature”.This is not because they add afeem to it but because people get addicted to their Chola Bhaturas once they eat it here.

Sodhi's Zaika, Sector 46, Chandigarh
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The color of the Chola is dark brown, which indicates its spiciness. They are a perfect blend of Indian spices and their secret homemade masala. The Bhaturas are also slightly different in look and taste. They are fluffy, perfect in shape, light, and cooked very well.

They look slightly white. A single plate consists of ample Chola, two bhaturas, spiced potato, some green chili, and salad. مراهنات كرة القدم One plate of Chola Bhatura cost rupees 60, and the one with a single bhatura costs Rs. 40.

The taste of these hot  Chola bhaturas is just finger-licking good, and that is why people are always studded over here. Most of the people prefer to get them packed because they do not want to stand in the crowd waiting for their turn. If you are a food lover and love spicy food, you must give this place a chance, and you surely won’t get disappointed.

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